Parking Regulations Update

From LCC, an update on parking regulations upon completion of the THI public realm works.

“On completion of the works associated with Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative, some revision of the existing parking regulations will be required. It is intended that we will introduce these changes using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order that will be fully enforceable.

By using an Experimental Order the public that use the area can better see how the changes will affect them, and on evaluation of the situation, the public will have six months to make comment on any changes. After this period the council has a further period of 12 months to evaluate all of the comments received before any changes are either accepted, amended to address the concerns that have been submitted, or rejected as being unacceptable.

Full instructions of how to make comments on the parking and waiting restrictions will be posted on notices on site and in the local press at the appropriate time”


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